Verity Pulford

I am a Glass Artist living and working in North Wales.  I sell and exhibit my work in galleries throughout the U.K.

My latest work is directly inspired by the landscape around me, the forests, woods, mountains and skies. Wales is a wild, raw and rich landscape which my soul feels deeply connected too. I want to try to capture this in my work- my way of seeing. I am fascinated by the ever changing light and the magical qualities this gives the plants and trees within the landscape.

I sketch, photograph and collect plants whilst out walking and when I return to my glass workshop, I try to capture the magic, the shapes and light, which I find so beautiful.  I am extremely interested in plants. All of the plants and trees I use in my work are British and mostly wild plants and flowers. I have recently started bringing other inspirations into my work- returning to my passion for literature and more self exploratory themes.


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